About Us

Mission Statement:

Stateline Solar is a budding solar panel installation, maintenance and repair company rooted in Freeport, IL. We aim to make solar energy a common source of green energy amongst all Midwest homes.

To preserve the earth to the best of our abilities and offer the community the best quality care in natural energy. We take pride in our environment and our work.

Our Team

Ethan Fiene

Stateline Solar, LLC was founded by Ethan Fiene. A construction manager per trade, who graduated from University of Wisconsin Platteville. Ethan received a B.S. in Industrial Technology Management, and is accredited with numerous hours of IREC certified solar panel installation courses, along with countless OSHA certified classes. Ethan possesses the necessary experience that will help build Stateline Solar, LLC to favorably compete in all markets.

In Ethan’s leisure time, he enjoys doing anything and everything outdoors – hunting, fishing, trap shooting, kayaking, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and camping. He is also an avid hockey fan and supporter of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Hilary Jordan

Hilary acts as our Chief Office Manager at Stateline Solar.  Hilary is currently continuing her education in a B.S. of Business Management to ensure Stateline Solar will continue to grow and follow the most efficient methods of business and leadership. With a long history of customer service and commitment to providing quality care, she is a great asset to Stateline Solar.

In Hilary’s life outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her friends, family and pets: Kiki (cat) and Hank Earl (dog). She also enjoys staying active with Ethan Fiene going camping, on road trips, kayaking, and doing any additional outdoor activities.

Zach Njos

Zach is our operations manager here at Stateline Solar. His main focus is to ensure the completion of every job is done right, but more importantly that the client is satisfied with the work Stateline Solar has done. Zach is an experienced general contractor and maintenance professional. Zach is also a military veteran. He spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps; during one of those years he did a tour overseas.

Zach’s life outside of Stateline Solar stays pretty busy. He spends most of his time outside hiking and camping. When he is inside, he is usually watching football and catching up on his favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons.

Our Process

Our Green Solution:

  • Stateline Solar is a cutting edge solar installation company. Our solution is to give our customers an easy, stress-free, turn key product that they will reap immense benefits from. We pride ourselves in educating our customers 100% to make a fully informed decision. We turn a complicated, stressful decision into an easy commitment to create clean, green, sustainable energy.
  • We’re a midwestern based company rooted in Freeport IL. Our neighbors are your neighbors; they trust us because we give them the time and information necessary to make the right solar energy choice, not a pressuring salesman breathing down your neck.

Quick, No Cost, No Hassle Solar Energy Quotes

You won’t find hard-charging sales people at Stateline Solar, just a dedicated team of solar PV installers who treat you the way you’d want to be treated:

    • Stateline Solar has streamlined our solution to make getting a solar installation estimate as easy and stress-free as possible. In order to assure that your solar project is successful, we must understand the reasons you have for investing in a solar array. Our online tools and quick 5-minute phone assessments eliminate the need for pushy sales people and aggressive sales calls. Begin saving now with our 5-minute free solar energy quote request.
  • After we confirm a few details about your energy usage and site location, we’ll provide you with a customized solar energy usage proposal. This proposal will include; data broken down into monthly and yearly, normal everyday usage, electric vehicles, pools, air conditioning, electric space heaters, shading analysis, and most importantly hard numbers for how much money you’ll save, and make with solar power.

What’s Packaged in Our Solar Installation Proposal

Stateline Solar’s solar energy estimates are specifically tailored to your individual home or business’s unique needs. Each proposal includes:

  • Computer generated photos that project how your solar panels will appear.
  • 3D modeling of the customers site, including trees, other buildings, and any obstructions like a chimney or vent pipe.
  • LIDAR data is a technology that utilizes lasers to measure distances and detect objects. For solar application, we use LIDAR data to estimate the height and shape of objects remotely (trees, structures, etc.).
  • Real-world energy production figures that show you exactly how much of your energy usage solar power will provide, even on days with inclement weather.
  • Most importantly, our solar installation quotes show you the actual cost of the system, without any hidden fees or additional expenses. This information includes:
    • 1. The overall solar panel installation cost
    • 2. The incentives and rebates you’ll receive by switching to solar energy (30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, state rebate, county tax credit, SRECs*)
    • 3. How much money your solar energy system will generate for you over time, and exactly when you’ll start turning a return profit on your investment
    • 4. The warranty of each separate component in the system. Also, our company’s warranty policy on the system as a whole.

If you are sold on our proposal, then the next step to move forward with us is to plan a personal visit to your home or business. This will allow us to confirm measurements, other site details, and to answer any other underlying questions you may have. It’s as simple as that! Let’s get started!

SREC = Solar Renewable Energy Certificates. We obtain and manage the long-term contracts for you, where third parties pay you for the solar attribute of your system, not the energy itself. It’s a form of additional income for you through government policy.

Our Affiliations

Client’s Review

When I went out for my run today, I noticed snow on my roof, meaning that the insulation is doing a great job. All the other roofs near by had melted which made me even happier. The technique was their idea and it worked better than anticipated! Thanks again for the great job Stateline Solar!

Don purchased a hot roof insulated system in 2017 Lake Summerset, IL

We were extremely impressed with the professionalism of Stateline Solar. The professional invoice and their pictures, which evidenced the steps taken to complete the installation. They showed site details that we would have no way of knowing, and told the story of the project. The pictures brought a sense of confidence in us, because we could see the work performed. The pictures are a very innovative use of technology to add value to their customer service. Great job! Thanks Stateline Solar!

LaVon purchased a roof vent system in 2017 Freeport, IL

We have referred Stateline Solar to a few people already! They are hard-working, friendly, and do an excellent job. We will definitely be holding on to their business card for any of our future needs! Thank you very much Stateline Solar!

Kristin and Steven purchased a new front door in 2017 Polo, IL