By Hilary Jordan (COM)
February 19, 2018

Welcome and thank you for visiting Stateline Solar’s webpage! Stateline Solar is a budding solar panel installation, maintenance and repair company rooted in Freeport, IL. We aim to make solar energy a common source of green energy amongst all Midwest homes.

So why solar energy in the Midwest?

Why not!? The Midwest has excellent optimal hours of daylight all year round, is an agriculturally rich area that solar could benefit any farm set-up – large or small, and we are a Midwest based company; so, we understand this area, know the people, and will always work to benefit our beautiful region. The only thing you need to have a beneficial solar panel array is the sun, and we know that will be working for us every day, all year.

How does solar work?

The sun rises and sets every day. In those hours between, particles of sunlight (protons) are cast across the earth. Solar panels can convert those protons into electrons of direct current (DC) electricity. The electrons then flow from the solar panel to an inventer, which converts the DC electricity, or power, to alternating current (AC) power. AC power is what households use to power electronics when plugged into a wall outlet.

If the solar panels produce more electricity than needed, then the unused energy will automatically be sent to the electrical grid through the electrical meter and credit will be given for the excessive kilowatt hours (kWh) produced. We call this policy net metering. When this happens the electric meter will actually run backwards. During the hours no protons are reaching the solar panels, such as night time, the electricity utilized will pull from the electrical grid as normal. With the previous excess energy given back to the electrical grid, credits are gained, and utilities will bill for a net consumption for a given billing period.

Client’s Review

When I went out for my run today, I noticed snow on my roof, meaning that the insulation is doing a great job. All the other roofs near by had melted which made me even happier. The technique was their idea and it worked better than anticipated! Thanks again for the great job Stateline Solar!

Don purchased a hot roof insulated system in 2017 Lake Summerset, IL

We were extremely impressed with the professionalism of Stateline Solar. The professional invoice and their pictures, which evidenced the steps taken to complete the installation. They showed site details that we would have no way of knowing, and told the story of the project. The pictures brought a sense of confidence in us, because we could see the work performed. The pictures are a very innovative use of technology to add value to their customer service. Great job! Thanks Stateline Solar!

LaVon purchased a roof vent system in 2017 Freeport, IL

We have referred Stateline Solar to a few people already! They are hard-working, friendly, and do an excellent job. We will definitely be holding on to their business card for any of our future needs! Thank you very much Stateline Solar!

Kristin and Steven purchased a new front door in 2017 Polo, IL